Paw Cross Foundation

Saving lives and helping the homeless, and disabled along the way

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We rescue dogs that are on a kill shelters euthanasia list


We rehabilitate the dogs enhancing their own natural skill-sets


The certified ESA or service dog are ready for placement

Saving Grace

Millions of potential ESA’s and service animals are killed every year in the United States. The Trine-System™ our foundation uses, allows us to efficiently rescue, rehabilitate, and find the animal permanent placement faster and with less stress than most rescues, and training facilities. 

The Paw Cross Foundation

Works in trine with


Tellus-Angel’s is a non-profit Foundation that provides temporary shelter to the homeless while they are waiting for public housing. The homeless that we take in are then provided skills training. We work in conjunction with Domum-Trine, and the Paw Cross foundation.



Domum-Trine is a global distributor of technology products, services, and solutions that keep humans and animals connected with interactive applications, gear, and security. 

Paw Cross was founded in 2014. It shares a data base of resources for Animal Advocates so they can continue to save lives. In 2019 the Paw Cross Foundation was formed to save the lives of the non-adoptable animals placed on the euthanasia list because of the over-population problem in the United States.  

Working with traumatized animals is my specialty. I have been rehabilitating animals for over 20-years. Rescues save thousands of lives ever year but the system they use is outdated and can create stress on the rescuers and rescued. It is great to be working within a system that cares for the humans as well as the animals.
Penny Tilton
Founder and Handler
I don't know what I would do without my best friend. She is my emotional support that I can always count on to be by my side. I look forward to bringing more attention to ESA's. There should be an across the board housing policy for ESA's that is similar to service animals.
Dan Wilcox
I was diagnosed a few years ago with degenerative retina and my eyesight is very poor. I am thankful to Tuck my service dog that helps me make it through my daily activities. I couldn't imagine life without him. I am able to stay independent thanks to him. He continues to amaze me how he adapts to my disability.
Fran Ellis

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