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About Us

The Paw Cross Foundation was founded in 2019.

The Paw Cross Foundation was founded to provide the rescued animals a serviceable skill set that will allow them to stay within their forever home. Too often valued pets are surrendered to shelters because of landlord regulations that prohibits animals on their property. ESA’s and Service animals are protected from this discrimination. Our rescues cannot be discriminated against. This assures them security to stay by their humans side.  

Service dog. What a beautiful animal. Well kept, well trained, calm yet alert. The Canidae /'kæn?di?/ [2] are the biological family of carnivorans that includes domestic dogs, wolves, foxes, jackals, coyotes, and many other lesser known extant and extinct dog-like mammals. A member of this family is called a canid.

Shifting focus

Paw Cross was started in 2014. It provided Animal Advocates with a database of services to help them continue to save lives. In 2019 we shifted our focus and founded the Paw Cross Foundation. We rescue the most vulnerable animals from euthanasia. 

Animals are natural ESA’s. Anyone that has ever open their heart to one will agree. Millions of animals that could have provided a valuable skill to humans are killed every year in this country. 

Here at the Paw Cross Foundation, we are changing this!

Open your heart to one and it will change your life forever.
Melissa Shoe
Proud Adopter