Connecting humans and animals

Domum Trine

Launching in 2020


Apps and gear that connect

We develop interactive software that keep people connected to their animals. 

Interactive products

Keeping your animal safe

Life can get pretty hectic, and that is why we develop apps and gear to keep you connected to your pet from any location.

Keeping pets with their humans

Hundreds of pets are lost or stolen every year. Most of those pets will end up at the local shelter. If the pet has no distinguishing marks or a bred specific look, that pet is in danger of being euthanized if a home is not found. The shelter employee's can falsely identify your pet's bred and description. If you call in to check to see if your pet was picked up, the employee might not connect your description you are giving them to the employee's description. You may be told your pet is not at the shelter. Too many pets are killed because of the gap between terminology and communication. Our interactive technology will bridge these gaps to bring you and your pet the security you both deserve.


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About Us

Saving lives and helping the homeless, and disabled along the way.