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An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) offers its owner emotional support. It allows the owner the companionship and support needed to overcome mental and physical health issues. 

An ESA is by your side to offer emotional support. They do not have to provide a physical service. A service animal has a physical skill that helps its owner. 

There are no official ESA registration sites or places to register an ESA. This is a common scam on the worldwide web. 

No, ESA’s do not have the same rights as a service animal. An ESA can be rejected from entering public places and flights. They can be rejected by landlords without the proper prescription letter from a health care or mental health provider. Once a prescription letter is obtained the ESA cannot be rejected by a landlord. Service animals cannot be rejected in any way, but they must provide a physical skill that helps their owner. Read more from the ADA… 

The Paw Cross Foundation works with dogs and cats. 

The soft opening will be March 1st, 2020. 

No, every rescue is placed with their handler in a home environment. 

Our main resource of handlers are the homeless that are waiting for for public housing. Each handler is vetted through the Tellus-Angel’s Foundation. Any handler that works with the Paw Cross Foundation is drug and alcohol free and has passed a criminal background check. They have had training to become certified handlers. 

The Paw Cross Foundation will file for their 501c3 status in 2020. When the paperwork is approved by the IRS, we will then post it on the website.

No, Paw Cross helps Animal Advocates. The Paw Cross Foundation helps animals. 

Undergraduates are the new arrivals that are starting the school-4-paws program. At the end of their coaching, they will be certified ESA’s or Service animals.

The ESA’s program is six weeks to six months. It depends on the students skill-set that is brought to the program.

The Service program can take up to two years before the student receives their degree. 

We rescue within all 50 states. The state the animal was rescued within will be listed on the animals paperwork and on this website. 

Our team will review each adoption form in the order it was received. We usually will be in touch within 48 hours after the application has been reviewed. 

Yes, the graduates are personally delivered to ensure the placement will be a good match for the household. This allows a low stress introduction into a new environment. We will stay within the area until both human and animal bonds and both are familiar with each other and communication has been established. 

If you have a specific mental illness, or disability, our coaches can customize the skill sets in certain animals. This allows a more customized bonding experience for the human and animal.

On the menu at the top of the page and at the bottom of each page, we have a “contact us” link that when you click on this a web form will open and you can submit your question. All questions will be answered in the order it was received.