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We work with shelters all across the USA. The shelters contact us with a list of potential ESA's or service animals that have been placed on their euthanasia list.



Our certified handlers examine the animal. After the examination the animal is seen by a Veterinarian for a wellness check. After the wellness check the animal is transported to the tutoring facility.



At Paw Cross Foundation, we do not "train" the animal, we coach them. We work with their natural abilities and perceptive skills.



The graduates then become certified ESA's or Service animals and are ready for placement.


Here at the Paw Cross Foundation, we take a different approach to developing Emotional Support Animals (ESA’s) and Service animals. They already have the ability to become a vital member of a family unit, they just need the encouragement to focus on their skill-sets. We provide a safe environment that helps them to polish these skills. While they focus on their skills, we teach them the fundamentals of human etiquette. This produces a stronger human to animal bond. 


Acclimate & Coaching


What is an ESA's

Emotional Support Animals encourage the mental well-being of their human. They provide the human with the emotional support to overcome most mental challenges their human will face day-to-day. Their skill-set navigates towards emotional support. 

What is a service animal

A Service Animal performs physical “service” for their human. There are many different things service animals can do like pick up items that are dropped, to leading someone that is vision impaired. 

Emotional and physical support

We have your best friend waiting for you 

At this time ESA's do not have the same protective rights that Service animals are protected under. The Paw Cross Foundation is working on changing this. ESA's provide a valuable service to their humans.