Welcome to Golden T Cross a part of PawCross farm

In 2022, we embarked on an ambitious adventure to transform our 0.41-acre urban plot located in Kansas into a thriving urban farm. What started as a small experiment with a handful of animals has grown into a bustling oasis of life, providing us with fresh produce, eggs, and milk, as well as a strong sense of community. In this blog post, we’ll share our journey with you – the triumphs and challenges, the surprises and lessons learned, and how our little urban farm has blossomed into something much bigger than we ever imagined.

Our First Animals: A Sickly Goat Family

When we first started our urban farm, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Our first animals were a nanny mini Lamancha goat named Freya and her two kids, Frigg and Fulla. Unfortunately, they were all very sick when they arrived, and we spent many sleepless nights nursing them back to health. It was a difficult start, but our love for these animals and the dream of a thriving urban farm kept us going.

The Rooster Surprise: Six Chickens from TSC

One month into our journey, we decided to expand our urban farm by purchasing six chicks from Tractor Supply Company (TSC). Much to our surprise, all six turned out to be roosters! While this was not part of our original plan, we embraced the unexpected and learned to appreciate the benefits of having a flock of roosters.

A Year Later: Growth and Expansion

Fast forward one year, and our urban farm has grown beyond our wildest dreams. We now have a total of 100 free range chickens, three goats, and six rabbits. Our farm provides us with fresh eggs, milk, and even some meat, reducing our reliance on grocery stores and contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.

The Unexpected Joys of Urban Farming

Throughout our journey, we’ve discovered countless unexpected joys in urban farming. From the strong sense of community we’ve built with our neighbors to the satisfaction of nurturing our animals and watching them grow, our lives have been enriched in ways we never anticipated.

The Importance of Perseverance

Our urban farming journey has taught us the value of perseverance. From the challenges of nursing our sick goats back to health to the surprise of raising a flock of roosters, we’ve learned that adaptability and determination are crucial to success in urban farming.

Future Plans for Our Urban Oasis

As we continue to expand our urban farm, we have plans to add more vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and bee hives. We’re also considering hosting workshops and events to share our knowledge and passion for urban farming with the wider community.

From our humble beginnings with 0.41 acres and a sickly goat family, our urban farm has grown into a thriving oasis that provides sustenance, community, and countless unexpected joys. As we continue to expand and share our passion for urban farming, we are grateful for the lessons we’ve learned and the beautiful surprises that have come our way. We hope that our story can inspire others to embark on their own urban farming adventures, discovering the incredible rewards that come from nurturing life on a small piece of land in the heart of the city.